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Clinical Engineering Focused Equipment Planning

Equipment planning for new construction has an information gap. The architect typically recommends an equipment planner. This planner gathers all necessary information for the owner specified equipment. The planner passes this information to the engineers and construction team. At some point during the construction phase the owner needs to order the equipment (purchasing department), track the equipment, schedule the installation of the equipment (clinical engineering) and schedule certification and  user training (multiple departments). The co-ordination for this process is very complicated. That's where A.C.T. Solutions comes in. We track the equipment from the initial specified item through the purchase and delivery cycle, then the installation and training cycle. We use a custom specialized database and project management software for this process.


A.C.T. Solutions works with and focuses on the Clinical Engineering side of equipment planning. CE gets involved in the inventory management at some point and we have found the earlier they are involved the smoother the turn over goes. Most CE departments are running at capacity though and freeing up a Clinical Engineer is sometimes impossible. That is where we come in. A.C.T. Solutions can be the initial manpower to fill this gap. As the project progresses then CE can be pulled in more efficiently than if they had tried to manage the project from the ground up.

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